Teeth whitening gel pen


【For people】
1. Applicable to all kinds of exogenous turbid color such as smoke stains, tea stains, coffee, cola, red wine, colored food, bad habits and other reasons caused by yellow teeth, black teeth;
2, for severe dental fluorosis, severe tetracycline teeth, the use of this product has some improvement, but the effect is limited.
   1. Use a toothbrush or floss to clean the teeth.

   2. Rotate the back of the whitening pen to squeeze the whitening gel onto the brush on the head, and apply the whitening gel evenly to the upper and lower teeth. The thickness is about 1mm. (In general, the whitening range is up and down. 8-10 teeth each). When used, the whitening gel on the surface of the tooth quickly dries in 30 seconds. At this time, the concentration of the active ingredient in the gel reaches the highest point, and the whitening effect is five times that when it is applied. The gel is insoluble in water and saliva. Can be easily brushed off with a brush. Each whitening takes 20 minutes for one week.

      It is important to have beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile. It is very important to have beautiful teeth. In addition to daily washing, the most important thing is to maintain it regularly. With the complexity of the food contact in life, ordinary brushing can no longer meet the stains left on the tooth surface. Whitening teeth pens are aimed at people's love of beauty and ease of operation, allowing people to easily and easily whiten their teeth. The whitening pen is small and cute, so it is easy to carry around.

                1) A unique care formula that quickly solidifies on the surface of the teeth, cleans the teeth and removes stains.

                2) Easy to operate, avoiding the tedious traditional whitening method.

                3) Can be carried with you, at home or on the go.

                4) After use, the white and bright teeth will give you a new look and recreate your charming toothy smile.

                5) The company has a variety of formulas to meet the different requirements of customers for whitening gum.

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