The SolarPal - 8W Portable Solar Panel Charger


Never Run Out Of Charge Again

Rest assured knowing you'll always be prepared to charge your devices in any situation!

The Perfect Outdoors Companion 

A portable package that gives you access to unlimited solar energy. Take the SolarPal™️ with you on any outdoors activity! Perfect for the beach, hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, BBQ-ing, golfing, and more.

Helpful In Emergencies

The SolarPal™️ is a reliable source of power for use during natural disaster situations such as hurricanes and earthquakes where you may be left without power. Always stay accessible to free solar energy by having the SolarPal™️ in your arsenal.

Compatible With All Devices

Provides high-speed charging for a large variety of electronic devices such as smartphones (including apple and android phones), mini-tablets, cameras, power banks, go-pros, GPS, speakers and much more!

How Fast Does It Charge?

This varies based on sunlight levels and on the device being charged.

For Reference: On a normal sunny day SolarPal will take 120-180 minutes to charge an iPhone 11 from 40-100% battery!

For charging large energy-intensive devices such as medical equipment we recommend our higher wattage solar panel chargers (28W and over).

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