Tourmaline Self-heating Unisex Heat Therapy Pad

  • Self-heating Shoulder Strap: This pads embedded tourmaline magnet accelerates the blood circulation in the back of the shoulder, improve body fatigue and relieve body pain, as the skin contact energy conversion occurs and heat is released
  •  360° comprehensive shoulder protection: Designed to fit shoulder and full-back area, full and front wrap, full heat design, give the shoulder comprehensive care, do better care
  • Imitation human shoulder curvature design: Invisible care, bid farewell to bloated, light, and warm to wear comfortable, Self-heating lattice stimulates discomfort to relieve shoulder coldness and soreness, shoulder discomfort
  •  The safe self-healing principle: Tourmaline collects body temperature, must be in contact with the skin through the promotion of water vapor, heat-induced reflection to release energy, to achieve hot compress hot moxibustion

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